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Moscow – September 2018


As you may have already guessed, my name is Jelena, and I am a Synchronised Swimmer, member of Serbian National Team, part of both  Junior and Senior squad.

Also, I am a student, of Prva Beogradska Gimnazija ( First Belgrade Grammar School) one of the best high schools not only in Belgrade, but in Serbia. I cannot emphasize enough how privileged I feel to go to this school, the same one that my older sister and my grandfather attended.

If you are wondering whether it is difficult or challenging to tackle school and my everyday training practices – you bet it is. But I think that education is super important, and if everyone could be an excellent,  full-time student and at the same time a “professional” athlete then it wouldn’t be arduous. Without a doubt, it is not for everyone. I have to thank all my teachers and a principal of my school, for being so understanding, showing tremendous support to my interests and respect towards what I am doing.

And yes, I do have diabetes, but It isn’t something I would ever let define me. The only reason I am writing about it – well to prove that having health issues, a (still) incurable, chronic disease is not a disability, and definitely should not be something to stop you. On the contrary – it’s something to fight against on daily basis, to be better against all the odds. Therefore, for all of you out there with the same issues or completely different one, do not let anyone tell you that you are not good enough, or that there is something you cannot achieve. Because the sky is the limit

                                                                                     for you as much as for everybody else.



Synchro Swimmer

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