My CookBook

  • being an athlete means, by default, that you should eat healthily;
  • being a diabetic in addition to it, requires a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, not only to look good, be strong, or perform well but to stay alive and prevent all the bad stuff that can happen to you…
  • people often ask me things like “what do you eat?”, or “is it a problem for you that you cannot eat like your teammates?” – to tell you the truth, having diabetes, in my case, is not a drawback, it’s a “perk”. I know it must sound ridiculous, but I have a sweet tooth, and now I have to skip on sweets and processed sugar, something I certainly wouldn’t do this often, had I not been in this position.
  • this “cookbook” is my answer to all the questions regarding what a “poor diabetic” professional athlete eats 
  • and I hope that at least some of you will find this inspiring.

Synchro Swimmer

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